Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Final Portfolio!

I went back and forth trying to decide whether or not to advertise my portfolio pictures on here. Final decision..... Ooooookay!! I won't show all of them so definitely stop by our show!

Section A is kind of a catch all. It includes (but not limited to) black and white, color theory, landscapes, photojournalism and dark room techniques. My 4 painting with light images made it as a series. You can find an old blog about them here.

This image was originally approved for architecture Section B. But the Mrs. H decided it's more of a fine art piece. It was kind of a bummer to loose an architecture piece but it filled another spot!

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Peggy Attaway said...

Ally, I came across a local photographer from Atlanta who does alot of photography for Collective Soul. I am a huge fan of theirs. Anyhow, you need to check him out as he has made a name for himself around the country for taking photographs and then painting on them. :) His name is Joseph Guay and this is the most I can find on him.