Monday, November 10, 2008

Annie Leibovitz

One of my favorite photographers is Annie Leibovitz. A job taking creative, story-telling, photo journalistic portraits would be my number one choice of my career. I found the homepage of PBS's American Masters television show. Seeing I don't have cable... I'll have to enjoy the episodes online. ENJOY!


Ryan Tyrl Photography said...

What do you think about her shooting Ms. Cyrus nude? When does responsibility and common sense factor into shoots? Think we all will have to consider that sometime in our futures.

Art Alley said...

I think when it comes to a 15 y/o Disney princess responsibility and common sense should factor into her shoots. But, from what I've read her parents, manager, Disney, herself... EVERYONE knew what the shoot was going to consist of and was in the room while the shoot was taking place. Annie Leibovitz is taking your picture for Christ's sake! Just because some media rumor mills had something to say does not mean you get to degrade and apologize for participating in someone else's art. Complete cowardice in my opinion. I'd give a kidney to be in the room with her shooting!