Saturday, November 29, 2008

Holt Webb

Peggy and I were talking in class one day and I told her I'd love to travel in an RV across the States shooting whatever I came upon. She told me about a photographer she'd heard of named Holt Webb. This is what he wrote on his website as his mission:

"Using photography as a medium of preservation, I'm traveling across America on veggie oil, with an artist's eye and camera in hand, capturing those unique aspects of our country and culture that are in danger of disappearing within the next few generations."

I am as impressed with his photography as I am with his pro environmental morals.


Sarah Paulsen said...

Awesome photo! Black and white rocks. Thanks for introducing me to another great photographer.

Holt Webb said...

Hi Ally. I'm always pleased when someone new is introduced to my work. Thank you for the kudos. :-)